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     JSC "Barnaul Machine Tool Plant" is one of the leading producers of industrial goods and ammunition in Russia. The history of the plant's dates far back in the past to the times of Aleksander I. He was the Emperor who ordered to open one of the first cartridge plants of Russia in St. Petersburg in 1869. Later, during the First World War Russian Army was supplied by it's production.
     The plant operated in St.Petersburg till the Civil War. When the German Forces were coming to St. Petersburg, the plant was evacuated from the Moscow region  to Podolsk city. With the beginning of the Second World War (1941~1945), under the threat of Moscow siege by German Forces, the Podolsk Cartridge Plant was evacuated to Barnaul. It is here where all issues of almost all types of cartridges was started. The first echelon of  ammunition for the Soviet Army was sent from Barnaul in about a month.
      It is well known that almost every second cartridge used by Soviet Forces during the Second World War was produced in Barnaul. The city, where the Barnaul Machine Tool Plant is situated, is in an advantageous geographic position. The presence of all direction railways, one of the main highways of the country and an international airport allows to promote goods successfully. The company has long term and stable contacts with large suppliers of raw materials and also some direct relationships with Russian and foreign firms, whose numbers are increasing.
     Unique technology and great scientific potential allow us to develop new types of products and   to extend their range.  The most substantial trend of plant activity is the manufacturing of sporting and hunting cartridges for rifled armor and shotgun cartridges for smooth bore rifles. Ballistic, constructional and exploiting characteristics of sport hunting cartridges do not yield to the best foreign analogues, modern technology of production allows us to keep prices for them stable and competitive. This makes the company one of the largest suppliers of cartridges in Russia and also gives an opportunity to deliver cartridges regularly to the United States of America, Europe and Asia. Such orientation on new development trends in the world ammunition market and ambitions for technology improvement are the central moments in the plant's market policy which provide for the dynamics of it's development

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Home Ammunition For Sale Firearms For Sale Sales Policies Mags, Scopes, etc. Contact Information Related Links
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