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  •      About Russian ammo.... Lately we have noticed a lot of advertising hype on copper verses steel (actually a soft bi-metal) jackets.  We have visited a few Russian factories and this is what we have found to be true.
         These factories, or at one time actual military complexes, were usually designated to produce one product each and do it well.  It's mind boggling to look back to the cold war era and imagine what the production capabilities were then.   Their military technology had refined the use of steel in the construction of cases and projectiles.  Their best steel alloy jackets are almost on par with the old nickel-plated bullets of Czech, German and FN origin.  The fact is we can't do steel like they can and they can't do brass and copper like we can.
         Of all the Russian factories only one uses a so-called copper jacket.  Not because it's best, but as we suspect this factory produces monetary coins as well and has an excess of copper scrap.  On accuracy tests these particular projectiles failed by a great margin against steel (the bi-metal) projectiles, and the only market for these copper slugs is here in America.  Are we really that gullible here to advertising?
         Some technical features of modern Russian cartridges are:
  • Jacket material is a specially developed low carbon elastic steel only coated or washed with copper.
  • In comparison with thicker brass cases, internal case volume of steel is increased by 8% which allows a decrease of pressure.
  • Applied jacket material together with pressure and powder gases temperature reduction essentially diminishes barrel wear.
  • Proper necking eliminates case influence on accuracy.
  • All projectiles have boat tails.
  • The configuration of grinding, and optimal allocation of hardness on case body allows easy extraction even in conditions of fouling.
  • A specially developed non-corrosive Berdan primer being more reliable in comparison with a Boxer primer.
  • All cartridges are sealed hermetically for long-term storage.


Home Ammunition For Sale Firearms For Sale Sales Policies Mags, Scopes, etc. Contact Information Related Links
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